A labor of love
Posted 12 years ago

For Stéphane and Nathalie Ferrat snails are a labor of love, not for the slimy gastropods they raise but for each other.

Escargot farmers raise snails with love
They call it gypsy gospel music
Posted 12 years ago

Just as American gospel musicians bring the music of Southern Baptist churches to the masses, the Perpignan-based gypsy band Tekameli shares the evangelical religion that many modern-day gypsies have adopted.

Restoring Fort Dugommier
Posted 12 years ago

The breathtaking vistas and medieval castle of Collioure have inspired artists for generations. But for one artist, the primary source of inspiration is the phallic tower rising over the bay.

Artist transforms historic Fort Dugommier
A taste of paradise
Posted 12 years ago

Pastry chef Roger Martinez spends hours crafting pastries to perfection, only to have them devoured in mere moments.

Pastry chef offers a taste of paradise
Hark, How the Bells
Posted 12 years ago

The 46 bronze bells inside the bell tower at Cathedral St. Jean-Baptiste de Perpignan survived two world wars and more than 100 years of disuse to become one of France’s…

Hark, how the bells

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InPerpignan.net is a multimedia magazine about Perpignan, a Catalan city in southwestern France. It is produced by students in a summer study-abroad program co-sponsored by the San Francisco State University Journalism Department and the Institute for Education in International Media.


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In a rugby league of their own

The Catalans Dragons, the only French team in an essentially British rugby league, act as ambassadors for the sport on and off the field. . . . → Read More: In a rugby league of their own

The merchant of spices

French cooks are branching out beyond the traditional herbes de Provence. A little spice shop in Perpignan helps them find the exotic flavors they need. . . . → Read More: The merchant of spices

Perpignan baker adds a twist to traditional baguette

Baker Christian Renard combines his interests in microbiology and baking into his trademark sourdough breads. . . . → Read More: Perpignan baker adds a twist to traditional baguette

Salvador Dali leaves legacy in Perpignan

“It all became clear in a flash: There, right before me, was the center of the universe.” –Salvador Dali . . . → Read More: Salvador Dali leaves legacy in Perpignan

Torreilles struggles to make town a home for artists

The official tourism website for Torreilles describes the town as an artists’ community. But only two artists actually live in the town. . . . → Read More: Torreilles struggles to make town a home for artists

Les deux artistes

In Perpignan, Eric and Sabine Pritchard are known as the artists with erotic tastes. What most people don’t see is the love and time that go into their artistic creations. . . . → Read More: Les deux artistes

Being my own chef

Curry rice with beef ravioli, mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes, and a sunny side up egg.

For the last two weeks, I’ve been pursuing a feat I’ve never thought possible-–cooking. Until recently, my experience with food preparation reached only to frying sunny side-ups and boiling water –- and even then, the eggs still . . . → Read More: Being my own chef

An act of charity

Tuesday was the first time I’ve ever given food to a homeless person on the street. . . . → Read More: An act of charity

Enough romance: Paris as a reality check

As much as I would love to keep on my rose-tinted glasses, I can’t accept Paris as a whole without also accepting its truly ugly, tragic parts. . . . → Read More: Enough romance: Paris as a reality check

Je suis journaliste

One of the first French sentences I learned was “Je suis journaliste.”

While the phrase may be useful to explain why I’m lugging camera equipment through Perpignan, I quickly learned there’s not much utility to it in everyday conversation.

After teaching us how to conjugate the verb and pronounce the words correctly,  our French . . . → Read More: Je suis journaliste