Truly social media

I could not help but think of the “fireside chats” of the Great Depression as I walked through the modern France Bleu Roussillon (101.6 FM in Perpignan) radio station a couple of weeks ago.  Radio host Virginie Saint-Clair gave us a tour of the station, which has a web site where people can listen to . . . → Read More: Truly social media

Would you like some cheese with that whine?

Wine pairs with everything in France. Don’t believe me? Try one of the seemingly endless varieties of cheeses, and if that’s not your thing…

Organic Zucchini and Tomato Gazpacho

How about with chocolate? Perhaps some mussels? A bit of pasta or bread? Little cups of organic gazpacho?

Since coming to France, I’ve . . . → Read More: Would you like some cheese with that whine?

Parlez-vous Français?

Before leaving for France I took a small amount of comfort in the fact that I knew basic, survival French. Yet after 10 days in Perpignan it’s clear I was wrong about how far the limited amount of French I speak would get me.

While I’m able to order my morning coffee and croissant . . . → Read More: Parlez-vous Français?