Stray cats multiply around Perpignan

Stray cats have long been residents of Perpignan and nearby communities. But with the economic downturn, more cats are being put out on the streets. . . . → Read More: Stray cats multiply around Perpignan

Jewelry designer inspired by the land

Lamb’s wool, Tahitian pearls, drift wood — the jewelry designers at Alterior Symboise add a touch of surprise to each hand-crafted piece. . . . → Read More: Jewelry designer inspired by the land

Tekameli shares gypsy gospel music

Just as American gospel musicians bring the music of Southern Baptist churches to the masses, the Perpignan-based gypsy band Tekameli shares the evangelical religion that many modern-day gypsies have adopted. . . . → Read More: Tekameli shares gypsy gospel music

In a rugby league of their own

The Catalans Dragons, the only French team in an essentially British rugby league, act as ambassadors for the sport on and off the field. . . . → Read More: In a rugby league of their own

Hark, how the bells

The 46 bronze bells inside the bell tower at Cathedral St. Jean-Baptiste de Perpignan survived two world wars and more than 100 years of disuse to become one of France’s unique treasures: a fully intact carillon. . . . → Read More: Hark, how the bells

Perpignan shows Spanish roots in World Cup

Football (soccer) in Europe is not just a game; it’s a cultural movement. . . . → Read More: Perpignan shows Spanish roots in World Cup

Off the beaten path

Spending my summers in Europe has become an unhealthy habit—evident from my excessive student loans.

Hopping from tourist hot spot to tourist hot spot, I’ve never stayed in one place for more than a week.  I’d arrive in each city armed with a well-prepared list of museums, restaurants and monuments—courtesy of Google and TripAdvisor—determined . . . → Read More: Off the beaten path

Wishing for a Walgreens

Stuffy nose? Check. Sore throat? Check. The feeling of being hot while standing in the frozen food section of Monoprix? Check. Sudden chills in the sweltering checkout line? Headache? Check and check again.

But I wasn’t getting sick. Not me. Not now. I just needed to drink some more water. Dehydration and all that. . . . → Read More: Wishing for a Walgreens

Three beaches, one weekend

Could the beaches be more vast, more different and any more awesome in the South of France? I think not.

The black rock beach is lovely, but rough on the feet

Once arriving to the amazing, immaculate and insanely quaint Collioure, I was slightly — and only just slightly — disappointed when . . . → Read More: Three beaches, one weekend

Let there be light!

Torreille Beach just north of Perpignan

Let it all hang out. That is the official motto I have chosen for this trip.

Why? A couple of reasons. In France, especially in the south of France, it is common to take at least a two-hour lunch break. Eating while walking is   regarded . . . → Read More: Let there be light!