Brother, can you spare a euro?

It’s easier to be poor in a sunny place like Perpignan. . . . → Read More: Brother, can you spare a euro?

Would you like some cheese with that whine?

Wine pairs with everything in France. Don’t believe me? Try one of the seemingly endless varieties of cheeses, and if that’s not your thing…

Organic Zucchini and Tomato Gazpacho

How about with chocolate? Perhaps some mussels? A bit of pasta or bread? Little cups of organic gazpacho?

Since coming to France, I’ve . . . → Read More: Would you like some cheese with that whine?

Wait, is this France?!

I was hot, exhausted and excited when I stepped off the five- hour train ride from Paris. But after a look around the train station,  I thought I may have stayed on the train too long and entered Spain.

Instantly I noticed that the air, the vibe and the architecture was vastly different from . . . → Read More: Wait, is this France?!

Perpignan locals: very helpful, very fun

The paranoia that my mother and her friends tried to instill within me actually seeped in the other night.

Thursday night, a bunch of American girls, tired of working and elated to be in Perpignan, went looking for a little nightlife — meaning more than a glass of wine.

A little alley . . . → Read More: Perpignan locals: very helpful, very fun

A different kind of free press

Olivier Montariol speaking at France3.

On June 29, our group visited the France3 studio in Perpignan. As we walked into the TV station, which covers local news in the Pyrénées-Orientales département of France, a short, energetic man named Olivier Montariol greeted us. His bright green-blue eyes lit up as he showed . . . → Read More: A different kind of free press

Tabletop threats

When I was a kid, resting my hands on the dinner table would inevitably result in a disapproving glance from my mother followed by the question: “Would you do that if you were dining with the Queen of England?”

I still don’t know about the Queen.  But if my mother were to ask me . . . → Read More: Tabletop threats

Proceed with confidence

The crosswalk — a supposedly safe path between fragmented white lines — is not what it seems. Yes, an illuminated green hand beckons  pedestrians across some crosswalks, but they are not the priority.

The Perpignan that I had envisioned was a pedestrian-friendly town, much like the other touristy European cities I have visited. Those . . . → Read More: Proceed with confidence