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Urbino Project 2015 | December 4, 2023

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AboutAlyssa Mursch, Author at Urbino Project 2015

Alyssa Mursch

Alyssa Mursch

This experience has shown me that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. The thought of traveling to a foreign country for a month without knowing anyone terrified me, and it ended up being more than I ever could have hoped for. Not only has it provided me with a newfound independence and helped me gain skills that will make me better equipped for my future career, but it has also introduced me to lifelong friends that already feel like family. The Urbino project has done so much more than enhance my journalism skills, as it allowed me to be completely immersed in another culture and gave me the opportunity to create a home out of a beautiful town tucked in the valleys of southern Italy. Every day was a new adventure and one I will never forget, from the innovative ways we worked around the language barrier, to the daily trudging up the steep hills and every breathtaking view along the way, to all the late night gelato runs and Italian sunsets; in the end every moment came together to create what I consider to be the greatest experience of my life, and one I wouldn't trade for anything.

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