Urbino Project 2011

Multimedia Journalism in Italy


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Lessons from the LandLessons from the Land: An Organic Farm Teaches by Example
By Sarah Cumming
As important as food is, most of us know little about where it comes from. A family of organic farmers outside this Renaissance city is trying to change that. “Children think that when you take milk of the cow, it is cold, not hot, because they always take cold milk from the fridge,” says Monserrat Podgornik, the mother of the family. Read More

Agriturismo: Peace of Mind from a Piece of the EarthAgriturismo: Peace of Mind from a Piece of the Earth
By Addie Olson
Check in. Find room. Swipe key. Enter. From arrival to checkout, the American hotel experience can seem impersonal. But Italy has long held the secret to creating a relaxed environment where guests can feel like family – agriturismo farm-based vacations. Read More

Day in the Life of a Street VendorDay in the Life of a Street Vendor
By Caroline McGraw
Against the light-colored stone of the piazza and the almost entirely white population of Urbrino, Frank Sunday does not blend in well. As he gets closer, his voice further separates him from the crowd with his African accent. He leans toward a group of students with a soft, “Ciao, ragazzi.” Read More

The Exorcist of Le MarcheThe Exorcist of Le Marche
By Dorian Geiger
Father Aurelio Gino Pela is a man of God, a Roman Catholic priest who tends a flock of the still-devout in the central Italian province of Le Marche. But a few times each month he sits down with Satan. Read More

Where the Wild Things AreWhere the Wild Things Are
Slideshow by Renee Anderson. Video by Renee Anderson & Steve Odorczyk
Lamberto Feduzi runs a wildlife refuge in the Le March region of Italy. The organization is named CRAS: Centre Recupero Animali Servatici. Read More

Benelli Gun FactoryBenelli Gun Factory
Video by Robert Boag & Addie Olson
Commanding more then 20 percent of the global market for semi-automatic shotguns, there’s no doubt that Benelli attracts the attention of gun enthusiasts around the world. The Benelli brothers established their factory in the small town of Urbino, Italy just 40 years ago. Read More

The Barber of UrbinoThe Barber of Urbino
Video by Grant Bell & Olivia Gordon
Videographers Grant Bell and Olivia Gordon showcase one of the last traditional barbers in the city of Urbino. Read More