Urbino Project 2011

Multimedia Journalism in Italy

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Student Activists Shun Digital MediaStudent Activists Shun Digital Media
By Renee Anderson
Eight university students cram into an apartment here to prepare a pasta dinner. Nearly four hours pass as they engage in boisterous conversation over drinks and smokes. Their demeanor is playful, as are some of the issues being discussed. They debate whose region of Italy has the best food, wine and dialect. Read More

C1: Students Who Mix Issues With PartiesC1: Students Who Mix Issues With Parties
By Catherine Threlkeld
On a warm Sunday afternoon pedestrians crowded into the Piazza Repubblica scattered as a small car screeched across the cobblestones, its horn blaring while scruffy students hung from the windows waving flags and screaming slogans. Read More

Graduation, Urbino StyleGraduation, Urbino Style
By Jared Carpenter
The piazza was already pulsing with energy from newly graduated students as Pasquale Massaro’s brother and closest friends got off the bus and began the walk to the college of languages where Massaro would be taking his final test in the University of Urbino. Read More