Federico Fest

Join the annual party for Federico da Montefeltro

Jousting. Dance. Poetry. Soccer.

These events and more take place every August at Urbino’s annual Festa del Duca. This festival celebrates the majesty of the past: the Court of Federico da Montefeltro. It has honored the cultural legacy of this court for 31 years.

The festival includes something for everyone. Artisans such as basket makers and wood carvers showcase their work and provide children the opportunity to learn techniques that date back many years. Performers dance, recite poetry, play music, and appear in both theater and film productions. In honor of the court of Montefeltro, there is an archery tournament, staged just as it was centuries ago.

For 2012, the festival adds two new events. The first is L’Aita, a military game played in the 1500s. In addition, costumed teams will play a game of calcio storico fiorentino—a version of soccer that originated in Florence in the 16th century. Fireworks will end the festival.

The 2012 Festa del Duca will be held August 17, 18, and 19. For more information, visit

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