Restoring Urbino

Where to see renewed art around town

Michele Papi and his team have restored many of Urbino's art treasures (photo by Timothy Reuter)

Michele Papi and his sister, Federica Papi, established their own restoration business, Il Compasso, in 1983. Along with the rest of the Il Compasso team—graduates from the University of Urbino’s restoration program—they have gained multiple clients, including museums, churches, and theatres, mostly across the Marche. In Urbino, art pieces that have been carefully restored by this team include:

  • Raphael’s Monument: This sculptural work was created between 1894 and 1897 by Luigi Belli of Turin. Until 1947, the monument was located in the Piazza Duca Federico, between the Palazzo Ducale and the cathedral. Currently, it stands in Piazzale Roma, at the top of Via Raffaello. It was restored in 2000.
  • Pope Orsini fountain, Pope Alessandro VIII statue, and Pope Clement XI Obelisk: All three of these stand one after the other in Largo Clemente XI, by the Palazzo Albani. They were restored in 1999.
  • Madonna of the Rosary: This 1727 painting by Giovanni Conca is in the church of San Domenico, which is located in the street with the same name, nearly opposite the entrance to the Palazzo Ducale. It was restored in 1999.

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