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Urbino Project 2015 | July 17, 2024

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AboutDevon Jefferson, Author at Urbino Project 2015

Devon Jefferson

Devon Jefferson

The moment I first set foot on the aged brick streets of Via Mazzini, I felt the coming of an epiphany. From that moment on up to this point, nearing the end of our journey, I have consistently been inspired, motivated, and challenged to do things bigger than myself. I feel as though I have taken something from everything I have enjoyed in my short time here — the scenery, the food, the culture, the love, the atmosphere — everything has had an exceptional affect on me. I can sincerely say that my experience here in Urbino has significantly added an element to the core of my being that will be forever enriching and remembered in my life. This has truly been the experience of a lifetime, and added that the program ieiMedia has here has helped fine tune my journalistic skills, this an experience that I will continue to use and revisit for the entirety of this lifetime.

Stories By Devon Jefferson

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An inside look at Urbino’s premier fashion show, the Sfilata Sotto Le Stelle.

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