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Urbino Project 2015 | July 17, 2024

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Urbino Focus Archives - Urbino Project 2015

Focus on the stories of the Marche Region of Italy.

Urbino’s Fashion Night Out

June 24, 2015 |

An inside look at Urbino’s premier fashion show, the Sfilata Sotto Le Stelle.

The runway stretches into the distance down the rustic brick of Via Mazzini. A warm evening light creeps in from the arched entry at the foot of … Read More

The “Other” Urbino

June 23, 2015 |

Community of immigrants, long citizens of Urbino, face an uncertain future

URBINO, Italy — Veli Ljatifovski looked out across Ponte Armellina, a housing development he has lived in for the last 20 years. He saw buildings spotted by mold from … Read More

The Alimentary Rule of Italian Shopping

June 23, 2015 |

Small grocers with fresh products survive in Italy.

URBINO, Italy - As a customer walks into the small, two-room grocery on Via Nicollo’ Pellipario asking for fresh peaches, shop owner Luigi Valentini greets her with a smile, steps from behind … Read More

Saving More Than Nine Lives

June 23, 2015 |

An oasis of care for the luckiest four-legged residents of Urbino

URBINO, Italy—A faint purring can be heard as Raffaella Betti brings in her two young adoptees for their annual check-up at Oasi Felina di Urbino (Feline Oasis of Urbino). … Read More

Orchestra di Strumenti a Fiato di Urbino

June 23, 2015 |

Urbino’s city band is a tradition that dates back centuries.

URBINO, Italy - As the procession for the elaborate Urbino Press Award entered the Ducal Palace here, they were greeted by the thunderous music from a 40-piece orchestra.

It was … Read More

UNInCanto: Urbino In Song

June 23, 2015 |

A new tradition two years running sets the streets of Urbino to music.

Voices crowd the air of Urbino’s streets in the early morning, each carrying a greeting, a jest, or a warning. The city is alive and awake.

In … Read More

Looking for a New Place

June 23, 2015 |

Drinking ban prompting students and city to compromise.

URBINO, Italy - Hanging above the main steps of the Piazza della Repubblica, a bright electronic sign shows a bottle with a red circle and slash through it followed by this warning … Read More

A Look Behind the Curtain

June 23, 2015 |

Dancers from age 3 to 29 spend half the year preparing for their big night on stage.

URBINO, Italy – It is a week before the big dance recital at the Teatro Sanzio in Urbino. All 150 dancers at the … Read More

Murder in Urbino?

June 22, 2015 |

Modern German TV mystery series shooting in historic town.

URBINO, Italy - Traffic cop Roberto Rossi had ducked into one of the tunnels beneath the Ducal Palace to cool off away from public view when he made a frightening discovery: … Read More

The Italian Pulitzer?

June 21, 2015 |

The Urbino Press Award focuses attention on the best U.S. journalists – and the city.

URBINO, Italy - On a warm June morning residents and tourists gathered in the main piazza awaiting the approach of a parade of townsfolk dressed … Read More