The Buzz on Declining French Bee Populations

But the life of a beekeeper is not all relaxed visits to sunny mountainside hives. In addition to the long hours and hard work involved in beekeeping, local beekeepers are fighting the decimation of the bee population.

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Bastille Day Bees

I couldn't help but notice, as we relaxed on the deck, that one of Bellande's beehives sat about four feet behind me, bees buzzing in and out as they pleased.

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A Room With a View

I knew that I would see more handholding and kissing than I ever would at the Waukee Ice Cream Shoppe. But I had no idea how much more acceptable sexual themes are in smaller cities like Perpignan than in Iowa.

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The Gypsy "Problem"

By the end of my first weekend in Perpignan, I was beginning to wonder if locals felt anything but blatant dislike toward the gypsies.

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Annie studies journalism and international studies with a focus on human rights at the University of Iowa. After graduation she would like to wrok as a writer, particularly for a travel publication.

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About the Program

Fifteen college students came from North America to Perpignan, France, in June 2011 to produce these videos and stories. To find out more, read a welcome letter from program director Rachele Kanigel, meet the program faculty and explore the 2010 website.