Artists Becoming Disillusioned with Collioure

"Collioure may be better than a lot of places for artists," Didier Castany says, "but it's missing soul."

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Art Scene in Collioure Alters Through the Years

I expected her to tell me about how artists go to Collioure because it's brimming with inspiration, and how the town lacks a preoccupation with wealth. But this wasn't the case.

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Catalan Dragons: Photo of the Day

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Just Enough French

Just as it's hard for me to converse in French, it's probably just as difficult for the people of Perpignan to communicate with someone who can hardly produce a sentence without making at least one mistake.

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A Sip of Wine, a Sip of France

Before I left for France, everyone from my best friend to my middle-aged uncle told me to enjoy my trip, and more specifically, to enjoy the wine.

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Ariana studies journalism at Northwestern University in Chicago. She is focusing on magazine writing, but is also interested in pursuing photojournalism. She is from Key West, Fla.

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About the Program

Fifteen college students came from North America to Perpignan, France, in June 2011 to produce these videos and stories. To find out more, read a welcome letter from program director Rachele Kanigel, meet the program faculty and explore the 2010 website.