The Colors of Authenticity

"Every fabric tells a story," Fran├žoise Quinta says. "Each fabric reflects own region."

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Les Toiles du Soleil

Les Toiles du Soleil is the name of the famous striped fabric made near Perpignan, France. It is not only famous in Paris now, but also in Japan and the United States.

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La Ferme du BioSillon: Sights and Sounds Video

The Sights and Sounds videos document visual and audio impressions of greater Perpignan.

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Speaking French

Before I came to France, I heard many people say that French people do not like speaking English.

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Dog Lovers in Perpignan, Watch Where You Step

People love dogs all over the world, but in Perpignan this affection takes a different form.

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About Su Kim

Su is currently attending graduate school at Ohio University as a master's student in journalism. She went to University of Cincinnati as an undergraduate, where she studied electronic media. She interned at WCPO Channel 9 TV station. She is licensed medical and court interpreter for English and Korean. She would like to be a reporter or an anchor in the future.

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About the Program

Fifteen college students came from North America to Perpignan, France, in June 2011 to produce these videos and stories. To find out more, read a welcome letter from program director Rachele Kanigel, meet the program faculty and explore the 2010 website.