Life in the Abstract

For Pierre Renard, abstract art is the ultimate form of creativity.

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The Sculptor and his Wife

Pierre and Yvonne Renard welcomed me into their humble abode. It was simple and yet very comfortable—pictures of family and friends, lots of big cushiony pillows and numerous sculptures.

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A Not So Happy 4th

If you want to experience the ultimate culture shock, then spending a holiday that is unanimously celebrated in your home country abroad is the way to do it.

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Repose Among the Bustle

For the couple of weeks that I have been in Europe now, I think the biggest difference that has stuck out to me is how calm and together people are here.

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About Mary Barczak

Mary is a student at Western Kentucky University where she is majoring in News-Editorial journalism. Mary grew up in Richwood, Ky., and this is her first trip to Europe.

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About the Program

Fifteen college students came from North America to Perpignan, France, in June 2011 to produce these videos and stories. To find out more, read a welcome letter from program director Rachele Kanigel, meet the program faculty and explore the 2010 website.