The Fall and Rise of French Blacksmiths

Despite the years of decline, blacksmithing still thrives in modern-day France. For centuries, the population of the PyrénéesMountains exploited the region’s rich iron deposits.

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A Different Culinary Landscape

There are no endless lines at the drive-thru, no one is walking down the street with a latte that says "Warning: Hot," and there are no seagulls feasting on abandoned fries in parking lots.

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Bullfighting: Photo of the Day

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Place de la République: Sights and Sounds Video

The Sights and Sounds videos document visual and audio impressions of greater Perpignan.

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The Real Iron Man

As I watched Simon working in his workshop, I found it peculiar to see someone performing such an old profession.

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The Other French Accent

If a Frenchman wants to say, "I am a here" he would say "Je suis ici." A person from Quebec would colloquially say "Chus icitte." Same meaning, I swear.

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About Simon Arseneau

Simon was born in a small town called Bathurst in New Brunswick, but he spent most of my life moving from cities in Canada, Chile and Peru. In 2010 he enrolled at the Sheridan Institute in Journalism- New Media with the hopes of one day having a career covering the Arts and Culture beat, specifically the movie beat.

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About the Program

Fifteen college students came from North America to Perpignan, France, in June 2011 to produce these videos and stories. To find out more, read a welcome letter from program director Rachele Kanigel, meet the program faculty and explore the 2010 website.