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Urbino Project 2014 | March 1, 2024

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About Begum Kilicci

Begum Kilicci

Begum Kilicci

Ciao! This is my second experience in terms of studying abroad. Since 2012 I have been an interpreter in the Istanbul ieiMedia project. This is another important experience in my life. Especially I want to thank my family and my instructor Assisant Professor Burçe Çelik who gave me this great opportunity to work in İstanbul's ieiMedia project as an interpreter and to study in Urbino, Italy. Thanks to ieiMedia Urbino 2014, I have had to learn more about particular history of the Renaissance. I do translations -- Spanish to Turkish or English to Turkish. But, as I am a new media/journalism student, I never reported in English before. IeiMedia's Urbino professors always encouraged me and helped. Thanks to them I have had chance to improve my journalism skills in English. I have also met with very nice people and I love a lot Urbino. There is less stress than Istanbul and I will return to Istanbul with a lot of great memories. I will miss everybody and Italy!

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