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Urbino Project 2014 | April 15, 2024

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About Summer Roberts

Summer Roberts

Summer Roberts

My study abroad trip in Urbino has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life and one that will stay with me forever. The city of Urbino is beautiful between its historical landmarks, welcoming people, breathtaking views, and amazing food. The Urbino project and wonderful instructors have taught me an enormous amount about journalism and photography, considering it is not my field of study. This experience has pushed me out of my comfort zone a countless amount of times between navigating the country and overcoming a language barrier. It has shown me that the world is bigger and brighter than I would have ever imagine. It has reiterated to me that even though not everyone lives the same way, we are all humans. I was given the opportunity of a lifetime and can’t thank all of the people I’ve met enough for making it a great experience.

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