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Urbino Project 2014 | April 15, 2024

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About J.J. Wilson

J.J. Wilson

J.J. Wilson

Living in Urbino, Italy, for a month has finally given my life the culture I’ve always wanted. My study trip here hasn’t only provided me with new skills in and knowledge of photography, magazine writing and Italian culture, but it’s also given a chance to see the world outside of the United States. Before, the most exotic place I’d ever been was Texas or California. An “exciting” trip was to Northern Wisconsin, which isn’t exactly immersive. In Urbino, I’ve been happily forced to adapt to an entirely foreign culture and spent time with people unlike any I’ve ever met before. Even in our own group, I’m only one of two from the Midwest, and that’s exposed me to different lifestyles inside the U.S. Thanks to the friendships made and the experiences gained in Urbino, I’ll return to Illinois understanding myself better than ever before, both as a journalist and as a person.

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