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Urbino Project 2014 | April 15, 2024

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About Leslie McCrea

Leslie McCrea

Leslie McCrea

My time in Urbino really showed me how different the writing process is when two languages are involved. I have always loved talking to new people and getting the chance to write about them, but this was an even more intricate and interesting process. Not just the language barrier, but also the cultural differences proved to be challenging. Living and learning in Urbino sometimes gave me the feeling of being back in Blacksburg – in this small town, everyone knows each other and at some points it feels like I’ve stepped back in time. The traditions of the town and the country as a whole continue to surprise us each day, for both good and bad. Some things are hard to get used to, but some things I know I will miss the second I’m back in America. Urbino is such a welcoming place, and being able to see the ways that the university culture compares to ours at home is so fun.

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