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Urbino Project 2014 | March 1, 2024

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About Olivia Condon

Olivia Condon

Olivia Condon

Urbino has got to be the most authentic and charming city in Italy! The people I have met over the last four weeks have made my experience so memorable. I loved the cultural immersion we got through interacting with locals and meeting and interviewing our sources. The Urbino Project has made me more adventurous and creative and my photographic eye has expanded immensely. The instructors offered great support on all aspects of the project and were always willing to work with me to develop my best work. I want to bring everyone I love to Urbino to show them how lucky I am for getting to spend such an exciting month right in the heart of Le Marche. Lasting friendships, memories and photos of Urbino will be close to my heart for years to come.

Stories By Olivia Condon

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