Anaïs-Ophelia Lino

Anaïs-Ophelia Lino shares her love of traveling and adventure by weaving her experiences into her travel writing. She studies journalism, French and literature at San Francisco State University. She is a proud California native and was raised in a Latino matriarchal household that taught her Spanish. Her upbringing inspires her to find women-centered angles in her stories, and she strives to highlight important topics like gendered violence, pay disparity and motherhood in her stories by uplifting femme voices. Her love of books drives her passion for exploring and writing. She sees books as a way of connecting with people and enjoys finding common threads in different cultures. Influenced by authors like Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Isabelle Allende, the Brontës and George Eliot, she is happy to spend her summer in Arles, France, and have an immersive experience in a different culture. She has worked for The Arizona Republic and currently works as a radio journalist for KQED in San Francisco. 

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