Louis Denson

Louis Denson is a warm-blooded San Diegan who loves to be barefoot and who romanticizes living in the days of sticks and stone. He is a creative writing major and cinema minor at San Francisco State University. He was a staff editor of the school’s Transfer Magazine and has been published in the literary magazine Springer Ln. He writes short poetry whose meaning relates to his state of mind in the moment, short nihilist stories and fanciful and emotional pieces that he will adapt into screenplays. Louis is a dreamer. Like life, not much of his work makes sense until the end, and he doesn’t know if his picture will come into focus even then. He writes for those who are impulsive and won’t shut up and those who close their eyes in a crowded space and just are. Louis is someone who shoots shots at baskets and hopes, one day, one will go in. Venturing into the realm of journalism, Louis is searching for a deeper sense of understanding to add depth and complexity to his fictional characters. They say “Write what you know,” and Louis believes that there is always more to learn.

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