Gabriela Calvillo Alvarez

Gabriela Calvillo Alvarez is a student at San Francisco State University studying journalism and political science. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Gabriela loves to write stories that focus on politics, amongst other topics, in her city or around the world. Her passion for both majors stems from different aspects of her identity, pushing her to accurately depict others in regard to race, sexuality and gender. She was a reporter and editor for her high school newspaper, The Hatchet, and participated in the Summer 2020 Stanford Daily Internship. She joined the 2023 Arles Project in hopes of improving her skills as a reporter. Being entrusted to share other people’s stories in a fair and honest manner has made her love for journalism grow stronger. Gabriela believes it’s important to seek out experiences that will broaden her knowledge and deepen her understanding of the world in order to improve as a writer and human being. In her free time, she loves to go out with friends, attend concerts and learn new things.

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